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China Office

Teleweaver Technology Co.,LTD
( A Member of Olivecore Group Limited )

Add: 6F,No.89,Hetai Road, Baiyun,
Tel: 0086-20-6662 0285
Fax: 0086-21-6683 7162
Email: info@teleweaver.com

Nigeria Office

Otison Technologies (Medallion communications) LTD

Contact: Oti Ikechukwu
Add: 8A Saka Tinubu Street,Victoria
Tel: 234 8039378949
Email: oti@teleweaver.com

Bank Account

Beneficiary Bank Name: Hang Seng Bank Limited
Beneficiary's Name: Olivecore Group Limited
Beneficiary A/C No: 383-854072-883
Beneficiary Bank Address: 83 Des Voeux Road Central,Hong Kong
Bank Code/Branch Code: 024/383

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