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  • TWRTBH Rack-Mount Fiber Optic Terminal Box

  • Model:TWRTBH
  • Function:Protection
  • Brand :Teleweaver
  • Material: Cold steel

Product details :

1. 19" rack mountable fiber patch panel for connecting up to 144 optical fibers.

2. Suitable for use with manufactured pigtails or field-installable connectors, this unit was uniquely designed to fit cabinets .

3. Elegant design and appearance,  Adjustable rack mounting brackets,

4. Back and side cable entrances, Splice cassette holder allows cable termination with the help of pigtails splicing,  Removable,  Easy depth adjustment,

5. Suitable for all connector types with the adjustable panel,  Sealed against dust & insects.

About products :


Zinc-plated Cold Rolled Steel Sheet .  1.0mm

Cable Entry


Mount Management

19 inch standard structure



Splice Tray

High Availability splicing cassette  to splice cables and pigtails




G.W: 10kg NW:9KG

Frame Concept:

drawer features and Modular Adaptor Panel for ease of installation, inspection and testing.

Compatible Connectors &  Adaptors

Pigtails: Simplex& Duplex


SC/LC/ST Duplex & Simplex (Multimode or Single mode)

Application :

Ideal for WDM; CWDM or broadband cable splitter modules FTTH networks ;  LAN networks ;  WAN networks ; CATV networks ;  SDH networks .

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