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  • TWFOSCHJ Fiber Optic Splice Closure

  • Model:TWFOSCDJ
  • Application: Aerial,Mounting,Direct buried
  • Sealing: Mechanical or shrinkable
  • Brand Name:Teleweaver

1. Scope of application

This Installation Manual is suit for the Fiber Optic Splice Closure (Hereafter abbreviated as FOSC), as the guidance of proper installation.

The scope of application is: aerial, underground, wall-mounting, duct-mounting, handhole-mounting. The ambient temperature ranges from -40to +65.

2. Basic structure and configuration

Dimension and capacity

Outside dimension (LxWxH)

605x215x175 (mm)

Weight (excluding outside box)


Number of inlet/outlet ports

2 (pieces) on each side (total 4 pieces)

Diameter of fiber cable


Capacity of FOSC

Bunchy: 48—288 (Cores)

Ribbon: max.1152(Cores)

See drawing

3.  Necessary tools for installation(to be provided by operator)

Name of tools


Fiber cutter

Cutting off fibers

Fiber stripper

Strip off protective coat of fiber cable

Band tape

Measuring fiber cable


Metal wrench

Tightening nut of reinforced core


Crossing/Paralleling screwdriver

4.  The process of installing FOSC

4.1Step One - Open the closure

1.Cleaning the locale and determine where to install the FOSC and then place

fiber cables required.

2.Check whether the main components and accessories have been well prepared

inside the package.

3.Open the closure

Unscrew fixing bolts and open the closure by lifting the unscrewed bolts with no need completely unbolting to avoid loosing.

See Drawing 1

Important issues: If the weather condition is not good enough, then a tent must be pitched

for waterproof and dustproof.

4.2 Step Two -Determine length of fiber cable to be fixed and stripped inside FOSC

4.2 . Fiber cable in 38mm length: the distance from seal fitting to fiber cable pressboard.

. Fiber cable in 1800mm length: it is used to be winded and spliced after stripping.

. 50mm length reinforced core used for fix reinforced core.

4.3  Step Three – Strip off fiber protective coat of fiber cable and fiber

4.3.  Strip off protective coat of fiber cable from the temp. locating mark with the cutter and the

stripper, please refer to Drawing 2 for stripping length. Stripping length also could be

decided according to installation requirement

Drawing 2

4.4 Step Four-Polish

4.4 In the fiber sheath port polish fiber 13 cm

4.5 Step Five – Installation sealing tape

4.5 Distance cable rope mouth 41 mm winding sealing tape.The sealing ring on sealing tape both side,pls don’t tensile the sealing tape. Wrapped around to 23 mm to 25 mm in diameter.

Tape of shear by using double oblique, thick to both in horizontal and inclined cut.

See Drawing 3

Drawing 3

4.6 Step Six - Fix reinforced core and fiber cable

4.6.1 Upon finishing the above steps, then demount port plugs, pressboard and fixing nut of

reinforced core.

4.6.2   The strengthening of the cable core through strengthening core fixed screw holes, and 0.5 mm..

4.6.3 In the throat hoop cable is fixed on the L bracket.

4.6.4 Using a wrench and a screwdriver. Tighten screw and throat hoop strengthening core respectively

See Drawing 4,Drawing 5

Drawing 4

Drawing 5

4.7 Step Seven – Reserve fibers

4..7.1 After the fiber inside the box at the bottom of the coiled counterclockwise into the tray. Ribbon cable and central tube type dispersion fiber cable for bare fiber plate form, do not have any additions. Hinged type optical fiber cable can be pan fiber ribbon tube, can be appropriately to use cable tie, but can't be too hard .

4.7.2 Optical fiber into the connection plate through the ribbon or loose core fiber tube fixed at the entrance of connection plate. Central tube type cable, use the central tube cable protection.

See drawing 6

Drawing 6

4.8 Step Eight- Fix splice tray and splice fibers

4.8.1 In the dish by three screws on the flap gate. In place of plate hinged overlay can be realized. Finally, tied to the belt and the box body fixed again.

4.8.2Optical fiber after entering in the dish, counterclockwise pan fiber, and at least one big circle plate, leave enough spare parts, cutting off the excess, welding or cold.

See drawing 7

Drawing 7

4.9  Step Nine – Assemble FOSC housing

4.9.1 Put insert plates into the FOSC bottom slot directly, neaten sealing ring ,then put the FOSC cover on the FOSC bottom..

4.9.2 According to the middle to the sides, and the bolt order in diagonal form.

4.9.3 After 10 minutes the fastening, tighten again, finished packaging

5. Testing

The splice closure can installation the pressure testing valve,the sealing test in the field test.

See drawing 8

Drawing 8

Dimension and capacity

Outside dimension (LxWxH)

605x215x175 (mm)

Weight (excluding outside box)


Number of inlet/outlet ports

2 (pieces) on each side (total 4 pieces)

Diameter of fiber cable


Capacity of FOSC

Bunchy: 48—288 (Cores)

Ribbon: max.1152(Cores)

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