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  • Fiber optic terminal box ONUIP65 TWFTB24C

  • Model Number: TWFTB24C
  • Dimension(HxWxD):270*272*145mm
  • Application:triple-play
  • service:OEM / ODM

Description: Fiber optic ONU distribution box TWFTB24C has 4 ports for up to 24 cores, capacity 24 sc adaptors or pigtails and it is applicable PLC splitters to a terminal access links FTTH solutions.

Structure:This fiber optic ONU terminal box is Four-tier strucuter design, capacity 4 to 16 sc adaptors and splitters. 


1.  The selection of materials:Fiber optic distribution ONU box TWFTB24C made of high-strength engineering plastic (PC 70%+Glass fiber 30%),service life of 20 years.

2.  Strong sealing performance: Fiber optic distribution ONU box TWFTB24C used in fiber to then home with a unique design,clasp design,adopt unique lock that opening and closing flexible,protective good,taking into account security features such as waterproof and dustproof,reach IP65 protection performance level requirments.

3. Safe for indoor or outdoor terminal .

4. Use a variety of installation accessories connection,can be fixed on the carrier of plane and surface.

5. Fiber optic distribution ONU box TWFTB24C has two ports to allow setting”step cable” or “cable to end”.

Applications: broadband cable television, fiber to the home,telephone;Telecommunications;Low speed Data;Data transmission and industrial control;Video transmission systems and safety.

Usage:suitable for installation on wall ,post or air.

Packing: 8pcs/Carton; Outer carton measures:59cmx56cmx32cm; 630carton=1(40”GP container);310cartons=1(20”GP) contaciner.


1.       The working temperature: - 40 ° C + 60 ° C

2.       The relative humidity: 93% or less (at + 40 ° C)

3.       The atmospheric pressure: 62 kpa to 101 kpa (approximate 0 ~ 5000 meters above sea level)

4.       The insertion loss:0.35Db or less

5.       Return loss:50Db or higher

6.       Plug the durable performace:>1000times

7.       Insulation resistance:1000m or more Ω / 500 v (DC)

8.       Pressure:>3000v(DC)/1 min not breakdown,no arcing.

9.       Dimenssions(H*W*D): 270*272*145mm

10.   Weight:2250g

11.   Colour: Black

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