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  • Name:905 SMA CONNECTOR
  • type:SMA
  • Ferrule Type:Zirconia
  • Brand:Telewaver
Amphenol Fiber Optic Products was a pioneer in developing the first industry standard fiber optic interconnect system by introducing the SMA connector. The 905 series was the first fiber optic interconnect system to gain industry wide acceptance for medical, military, industrial, and data communications. Today, Teleweaver Fiber
Optic Products continues to support these markets with a wide variety of standard and custom SMA connectors and accessories.The SMA connector family utilizes a threaded coupling nut system for mating and de-mating.
Available with zirconia or stainless steel ferrules with custom hole sizes, the SMA is an excellent choice for a robust, cost competitive, and reliable system.Amphenol’s long standing history and development of the SMA product ensures
exceptional quality and long term reliability. We continue to support further development and improvement with our standard and custom product offerings.

Common Specifications
Insertion Loss:
Ferrule Type Typical Value
128µm and 144µm ≤ 1.0dB
Stainless Steel
128µm and 144µm ≤ 2.0dB
Tolerance for Micro-Drilled Holes in Stainless Steel
Fiber Hole Size Tolerance*
125µm to 149µm +5/-0µm
150µm to 249µm +10/-0µm
250µm to 1499µm +15/-0µm
1500µm to 2300µm +25/-0µm
*Custom Tight Tolerance Options Available
Features/ Benefits
• Stainless Steel Ferrules Available in Custom Precision
Drilled Optical Fiber Hole Sizes for Specialized
• Custom Stainless Steel Ferrule Tip Configurations
Available for High Power Laser Delivery
• Able to be Sterilized through Autoclave
• Strain Relief Boots and Dust Caps Available with
Medical Grade Material
• Compatible with RFID Integrated Technology

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